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Important information: Changeover of the user login for ODIS Service to the Group Retail Portal

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Notes about theft protection/diagnosis according to GVO in the European Union
Online services for the Offboard Diagnostic Information System software - GeKo and SVM
General information on anti-theft protection:

You require online access to the appropriate systems of Volkswagen AG (GeKo / SVM) for repair of specially protected vehicle components and flashing of control units. Currently, in order to be able to use GeKo, you must request the respective authorization (see below) and 2-factor authentication.

The European Union (EU) regulates access to safety-related systems of vehicle manufacturers for its member states so that the information required for repair can be accessed online. Independent market participants from EU member states can request access in accordance with the currently valid legislation.

With GeKo and SVM you can access the central server of Volkswagen AG using an online connection of your Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software, and thus significantly expand the scope of performance of your diagnostic equipment.

GeKo according to the group exemption regulation GVO

In the course of the GVO (NO. 1400/2002), any independent market participant who has a VAS6150 / 6150A,VAS5051B, VAS5052A diagnostic tester and acquires the associated software in the course of a registration process can query transponder codes/radio codes independently via GeKo VW.

What is GeKo?

GeKo (security and component protection) is a feature, which is available to users with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software and allows teaching of engine immobiliser components (e.g. instrument clusters, engine control unit), keys and component protection (e.g. air conditioner, navigation, etc.) of the vehicle.

What is SVM?

SVM (Software Version Management) is another feature which is provided by online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software.This enables process-safe control unit programming, as well as correct control unit installation.The feature also provides support for coding control units.

How can you use the GeKo / SVM features?
  • You must have installed the Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software.For further information, please refer to the erWin Product Assistant
  • Certain IT requirements must be fulfilled for the online connection. You will also need a special user ID.For further information, please refer to the erWin Infotour
  • All other companies and customers from EU member states and countries outside of the EU will receive more detailed information from their respective importers (see list of importers).

In order to obtain a "GeKo" authorisation, specific information about the applicant as well as the operation is required.You must provide the following information to Skoda or to the responsible importer:

  • GeKo form (request to activate a user right)
  • An official identification document (original) must be presented by the managing director and the applicant to verify their identity.The identity document is not retained at any time.Upon request, the parties involved are given the option of enclosing an voluntary copy of the identification document on an extra sheet of paper (front and back side).The importer uses the copy to verify the data and destroys it immediately afterwards in accordance with legal data protection requirements.In the case of identification documentation with access data (e.g. new German ID card), the access number must be blacked out beforehand.
  • Confirmation of employment (form)
  • Extract from the commercial registry or business registration (copy)
  • Police clearance certificate or similar document (applicant)
The forms needed to apply for GeKo authorisation and the corresponding requirements concerning your company can be obtained from your importer (see list of importers).