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Finding documents

Vehicle-specific documents

When you select the menu item "Vehicle-specific information - Vehicle identification" you are prompted to enter a valid vehicle identification number (VIN). As a result you are shown all the important vehicle data, such as the model, model year, engine code etc. For this individual vehicle data you can call up information about "Repair and Servicing Information".
Please note that you can only view the contents of the document with a valid flat rate.

Model-specific information

Under this menu item you will find current training items such as self-study programmes and multimedia CDs, as well as all repair information in PDF format (not available in all languages).

  • Model, Selection from model list, e.g.: OCTAVIA II
  • Means of Information, Selection of a means of information, e.g.: Workshop manuals
  • main group, Selection from list, e.g.: electrical system

The selection of a measure is always optional. If you do not select any measures, all documents for this model will always be displayed.

All documents found will be listed in the search result. Here you have access to the table of contents and the data for each document. In addition, in the search result you see the type keys which are linked with this document and - depending on the document type - also which engine or gear codes are assigned to the document.



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