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To pay for the selected flat rate by credit card, please complete the following fields:
  • Name as on card, details of your name exactly as on credit card
  • Card number, enter the card number without blank spaces or dashes
  • Type, select your credit card provider
  • Validity, select the month and the year when your credit card expires

Note: Your credit card information is now checked by your bank. Thus, it may take a few seconds until the document is released.

When purchasing a monthly or annual flat rate, you have the option of paying the invoiced amount either by credit card or by prepayment. You receive a bill via e-mail after completing the purchase. The next time that you log in erWin after entering your payment, you are redirected to an information page where you can activate the flat rate.

If we already have your personal data, it will be automatically entered. The amount payable is shown at the bottom of the page. If all the information is correct, click with the mouse on the Pay button. If you want to change a field, click the mouse on Reset.



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